What Clients Say

Ray was there for me to listen to my side of the story when I was accused of felony child molestation by my ex-wife. It was a bitter divorce and all odds were against me. Ray kept me calm and guided me in the right path to prove my innocence to a point where it never went to trial. Ray kept in touch even when I did not, just to see how things were going in the lengthy process. Most of all, Ray was not judgmental and fully followed the "innocent until proven guilty" oath. Thanks Ray.


M. G.


Ray exceeded my expectations by far when he supported me as a defense lawyer in a felony DV case recently. Not only did Ray provide superior skills and experience, but he also offered warm humanity and mental support. Ray is passionate about helping people in need and to do the right thing. As a result, despite a long uphill battle against all odds, we achieved a great result in the court and kept stress and drama to a minimum throughout the process.

Thank You Ray for your extraordinary handling of my case and also for being such a nice person to work with! You made a huge difference when it mattered the most. :-)


M. E.


Your legal services were outstanding and your fees were reasonable. You protected my son with great and effective legal judgment but most importantly you cared about him as a person.  When all was over, he looked up to you as a person he wanted to emulate. Now 10 years later he is well on the way to being an upstanding citizen I am proud of. I never thought I’d see it. Thank you very much for the honest and caring service and most of all for giving me back my son.


R. A. (Father of Client on a Series of Felony Charges)

I am very blessed to have so many skilled people working together to help [my son]. Although at times discouraging, your point of view has always kept us mindful about what we are up against. I haven't had any experience in the past with lawyers, but I'm sure many of them put the money and other things in front of their client. You have not ever made me feel that money is more important than this challenging case. I very much appreciate all your patience and understanding throughout these difficult months. Thank you for all your hard work!


S.C. (Mother of Client on First-Degree Murder Case)

I was arrested in Seattle on an old felony warrant from the state of Missouri for jumping probation. I was facing extradition and was told by officials that I wouldn't be getting out without being extradited. This happened on a Friday. I hired Ray to help me Friday evening. On Saturday morning Ray not only got me out of jail but he contacted Missouri and resolved the old case for me with a few phone calls. I had been worried about that old case for years and was so relieved I found Ray – he was able to make it all go away! I have had a few other problems since then and Ray is always there to help me. He is very dedicated and reliable – he does what he says he will do. He is very diligent and focused and knows how to get things done. I am very glad to have him in my corner.



Ray helped our son on a several criminal cases, including a serious felony charge, at a time when our son was suffering with serious mental health issues. Ray was able to convince the prosecutor that charges should be reduced and that the cases should be consolidated in mental health court. This turned out to be the best thing for our son under the circumstances - he was able to keep his record clean and received much-needed help and structure in the process.

We are very grateful for Ray’s sensitive and effective work for our son and strongly recommend his services to anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer.