Theft, Forgery & Fraud

Theft cases cover many types of offenses, from shoplifting to more serious fraud and embezzlement cases involving property of significant value. There are many crimes that are similar to or related to theft, such as Forgery, Identity Theft, Possessing Stolen Property, and Trafficking in Stolen Property.

These crimes can be committed in many different ways and there are many defenses that may be available in any given case. Although thefts and similar offenses involving large losses are serious felonies, these “property crimes” are generally punished less severely than “crimes of violence.” Upon conviction, restitution will always be ordered to repay the victim for the loss that is proven. An offender’s ability to pay restitution promptly may play an important role in successfully resolving a case if there are no strong defenses available. If the offense is related to an alcohol or substance abuse problem, an offender’s willingness to enter treatment to address the problem can also be helpful. A seasoned attorney who knows “the system” and has handled many of these cases is best equipped to accurately assess the case and lead the client to the best result.