Sexual Assault - Adults

Rape and indecent liberties are very serious felony charges and often result in lengthy prison sentences, sometimes life in prison, if a person is convicted. Offenders are required to comply with sex offender registration requirements and if there is probation (“community custody”), supervision is very strict. Sexual deviancy treatment is often court-ordered.

In many cases where the people involved know each other and drugs or alcohol are involved, it may be difficult to determine whether conduct involves consensual sexual activity or a degree of rape. These cases often involve “he said/she said” credibility contests in which there may be little or no corroborating evidence. It is very important to have a skilled and experienced attorney who can explore and develop credibility issues and possible motives for the alleged victim to fabricate (make up) the allegation, and to explore and develop subtle factual distinctions that show the difference between an innocent act between consenting adults and serious criminal behavior.