Burglary involves the unlawful entry (trespass) into the building or residence of another with intent to commit a crime inside (usually theft). Burglary charges sometimes arise in Domestic Violence cases where there is a no-contact order or the person otherwise does not have permission to enter or remain in the residence. All levels of burglary are serious felony offenses. Burglaries committed with a weapon result in lengthy prison sentences upon conviction, with a mandatory penalty enhancements of up to an additional five years in prison (with no “good time”) if a firearm is involved.

In some burglary cases, it may be unclear who committed the burglary; other cases may lack adequate proof that the client intended to commit any crime or that the client’s entry into the building or residence was really “unlawful.” In any event, an experienced attorney is needed to investigate and analyze the case and develop and present the best defense.