A Personal Note about Ethnic and Cultural Diversity . . .


You may be one of thousands of people now living in Seattle and Western Washington who have come here recently from other countries and cultures. English may not be your first language -- you may not speak or understand English at all.


If you are arrested or accused of a crime, everything can be very frightening and confusing. You will want to have a lawyer who understands your needs and will protect your interests. You will want a lawyer who can bring equality to the process.


I am committed to the principle of “Equality for All” and am dedicated to protecting my clients from the bigotry and prejudice they sometimes face. I bring patience and sensitivity to my work in an effort to completely understand any ethnic or cultural circumstances that are important to my client’s case.


I have spent several years traveling throughout Mexico and Latin America and Southeast Asia. I speak Spanish and have a good understanding of and appreciation for Mexican and Latin American culture. I have represented many Hispanic clients and value the opportunity to be of service to the growing Hispanic community in the Pacific Northwest.


In addition to my Hispanic clients, I have also represented clients of many other nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, including Arab, Caribbean, Chinese, East African, Filipino, French, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Pacific Islander, Palestinian, Romanian, Russian, Sikh, Turk and Ukrainian.


I am very proud to have represented this diverse group of clients and I value the opportunity to continue to do so in the future.


- - Ray McFarland