Over 30 Years in Criminal Law

Ray has extensive trial experience — over 100 felony jury trials -- and has handled all types of cases in most courts in Western Washington in over 30 years as a criminal lawyer, including over 20 years as a criminal defense attorney. He is an effective advocate in the courtroom and has also successfully persuaded prosecutors to dismiss or reduce cases against many of his clients before trial.

Former King County Senior Prosecutor

Ray's years as a Senior Deputy Prosecutor in the King County Prosecutor's Office have given him the ability to assess and try difficult cases, to know how to work with police, prosecutors and judges, and to "know how the system works" from the inside.

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Ethnic and Cultural Diversity

Ray speaks Spanish and has extensive experience in Mexico and Latin America. He has successfully defended many people of Hispanic origin. He has also represented clients of many other nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, including Arab, Caribbean, Chinese, East African, Filipino, French, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Pacific Islander, Palestinian, Romanian, Russian, Sikh, Turk and Ukrainian.

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Practice Areas:

Ray represents both adult and juvenile clients in felony and misdemeanor cases at all stages, both before and after criminal charges are filed. His practice emphasizes crimes of violence and includes defense of the following accusations: